The Central Inspection

 A statement on the development of automation in the Central Inspection work.

The most important achievements up to the present date are :

1.                   Establishing an information unit to go with the updating development and automation of the Central Inspection for their purpose, the employees of the department has joined specialized workshops.

2.          Providing the Central Inspection with information net that covers all the departments and that includes about 75 devices, 45 of them are already provided, 15 were received as grants from the United States Agency for International Development.

3.          Thirty-four employees and inspectors were trained to use these devices and programs.

4.        The Central Inspection was able to insert a special program to save
        the documents electronally. This program has been put in use since

5.         The information Unit managed to automate all the schedules in the
        Department of Employees, Accounting and supplies and has prepared
        a program to control the movement of the storeroom supplies.

6.        The Central Inspection was provided with a special program that
         includes all the legislations, decrees and decisions that has been
         published in the official gazette since 1921 and until 1996.

7.          The Central Inspection was provided with a special program that can
        save and recollect all the administrative decisions and letters.

8.        The Central Inspection was also provided with a program for the
        planning of the budget and its expenditure. This program was a
        starting point for the preparation of a wholesome program to be
        distributed to all administrative departments in coordination with the
        Ministry of Finance.

9.        The Central Inspection is collaborating with the university of
New York to prepare a special program for keeping the track of
        complaints that are received by the Central Inspection or those
        approved in the annual program. The Central Inspection has already
        accomplished a pre-study about this program, which is expected to be
        ready soon. Also, the Central Inspection is currently preparing a
        program automation of the board decisions and discipline cards.

10.       In addition to all the above-mentioned achievements, the Central
        Inspection was connected with the Internet. A home page was set in
        both English and Arabic Languages at the following address: This home page is significant because it exclusively
        implements the Arabic language beside the English one.

This project is characterized by the following merits:

a - Providing the citizens with information related to the Central Inspection: 
     its rules, Frame work, authorities, annual reports, bids annual program, 
     subcontracts, advertisements, and their results.

b - Enabling the citizens and the public departments to connect the Central
      Inspection departments electronally.

c - Enabling the citizens to send their complaints directly to the Central


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