The Central Inspection

Procedures for lodging complaints In the Central Inspection 

        It is possible for any citizen to lodge a complaint against any public administrative department that submits to the authority of the Central Inspection or against the employees and workers of that department. The Central Inspection will then investigate the content of the complaint in order to determine the outcome.

In order to facilitate the investigation and for the sake of organizing the work, the complainant is advised to follow the following procedures :

First :  * Concerning the content of the complaint.

     * The complaint should include useful and clear information 
               as well as specific facts supported with enclosed documents 
               if available.

     * The complaint is to be signed and the name, address, and
                telephone number are to be written fully.

Second : * Addressing the complaint.

        * The complaint should be directly addressed to the Central 
                   Inspection council - Beydoun Bldg. verdan St. officials
                   should address their complaints according to
                   administrative hierarchy.

Third :    * Lodging the complaint.

1 - Complaints are to be handed in person in the secretariat of the Dewan inspection department by the complainant in condition to show his identity card. The complaint is then registered in the above mentioned and the concerned person is given a receipt that included the registered number.

2 - Complaints can be sent by registered mail or by Internet in condition to include all the above-mentioned information.

Fourth : Anonymous complaints

1 - It is possible for any person to meet the president of the Central Inspection or any of the general inspectors and hand him the complaint. In this case, the name of the complainant remains confidential.

2 - The Dewan division receives an anonymous complaints or any complaint that does not include the right name and address. In this case, the complaint is not registered, but is handed to the president of the Central Inspection in


Order to decide what to do about it. Such complaint would not follow the legal track unless it is considered to be a serious one and unless it includes clear and identified facts.


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