The Central Inspection


The Central Inspection is a Public Administration Connected to the council of Ministers, and handles according to its rules and law of construction the following tasks : 

1- Monitoring the actions of the public administrative departments to insure that they are performed according to rules and regulations. It also monitors the punctuality and discipline of its personnel. This is achieved by means of the different specialties inspectors: Financial, administrative, educational, engineering, health, social and agricultural.

2 - Working to improve the methods of administrative action.

3 - Giving consultation to the authorities spontaneously and according to demand. 

4 - Coordinating the common actions between several public administrative departments.

5 - Organizing the rent of buildings for all administrative departments that submit to the monitoring of the court of Account (Research and Guidance department).

6 - Handling bidding processes that are related to public civil administrative departments (Bids Department).  


Central Inspection is composed of the following Inspection Divisions:

- Administrative Inspection.
- Financial Inspection.
- Engineering Inspection.
- Education Inspection.
- Health, Social and Agricultural Inspection.


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